Monday, December 19, 2011

Personal Email Address – A Stepping Stone to a Bright Career

Having a personal email address will only bring a positive response to your job hunt. There are various email address providers like gmail, yahoomail, aol, etc. However, these email ids are good for your personal communication. Due to the high number of users of these email ids, you hardly get the email id that you want. For example, Mr. John Horner wants his email id to be; however, there is minimal possibility that he would get that id, due to unavailability of the same or as some other user might be registered with that id. Thus, gmail will suggest him other options, which could include some characters or numbers to the id. For example,, etc.

While applying for a job, having a clean and easy to recognize email address would always bring in the rewards. Take for instance,, sounds more appropriate and professional too. A personal email id can be incorporated with your personal resume website, making the communication between the recruiter and the applicant simple and less time consuming.

Having a personal email id will create an impression in the minds of the recruiter that the applicant is well versed with the latest in technology and is aware of modern ways and resources of applying for a job. It increases the chances of the applicant to get the job. It enables visibility of the resume and his profile over the web. It puts him/her apart from the usual crowd, who still use the traditional resume and the standard email address.

Some sites offer personal email addresses at a cost, whereas, there are a lot of other websites, which helps you create your own personal website, which will also have a personal email id for you. So, go ahead and prepare your personal email address, and see job opportunities pouring in like never before.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Think Before You Choose Your Domain

A domain name is used to identify your website and is used in URLs. A domain name needs to be unique and should be such that it should attract viewers to your website. The better your domain name the more chances of employers finding you over the internet; doubling the chances of you getting a call for an interview or getting the job. Having a good domain name can make careers and a bad domain name can equally break your career.
Following certain tips or keeping certain things in your mind while purchasing a domain name can help you build your path towards a bright career.
Since you are preparing a resume website, your domain name should reflect your name. This would increase the visibility of your resume website. For example,, etc.
Try not to use too long domain names. It is always advised that you use shorter domain names as it is easier to remember, and the scope of an employer making an error while opening the website is minimal. Try to make your domain name creative, move away from simple names like, and use
Keeping your domain name unique is very important. There should not be another domain name exactly matching yours or similar to yours. This could create confusion amongst the viewers and could ultimately cost you a good job opportunity. There are some domains registered with .org and some with .com; the domain name could be same with a .com or a .org site, this contributes majorly in causing confusion. So choose appropriately to avoid such confusions.
These are the main factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing your domain name. Make sure that you choose the perfect domain name for your resume website, in order to assure yourself of maximum response from recruiters.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Simplicity is the Key to a Good Resume Website

Resume websites have started gaining popularity in the recent time. The user friendly nature of this type of resume has brought up a demand in a resume website. They also save a lot of time of both, the recruiter and the applicant. They prove to be very handy when it comes to updating your details in the resume.

While preparing a resume website, it is quite a possibility that you might get lured by those flashy looking web templates to prepare your resume. But, keep in mind that you are applying for a job and you need to maintain professionalism in any resume, be it online or offline.

Unlike the traditional resume, you need not give a lot of information on a resume website. Only give important information like your name, work experience, educational qualification, and skills. However, you can include other information like objective and achievements also, if needed.

It is always recommended that you keep your resume website simple as too much of matter on the page could sometimes confuse the reader and s/he might just be searching around for information. Do not keep the design too loud. A sober design which looks soothing to the eyes will always attract the recruiter.

To give a generalized idea on how a simple resume should be, you can write your name in the center of the webpage, either center-aligned or justify-aligned. Use a good font to write your name. The font should be simple and legible, but equally attractive. You can use a large font size while writing your name. Just below the name, write your designation or degree, if any. This section should be the highlight of your resume website.

Then comes your personal details. Enter details like name, address, contact number/s, email address etc. There is no specific alignment for this; you can place it as u like, either, left, right or center aligned. Avoid using the justify-alignment as it would not look good and would look out of place on your website. If you are required to, or if you wish to place a photo on the website, you can do so; however, place the photo appropriately. Use a decent photograph, as you are preparing a professional resume website to apply for a job.

Once you are done with designing the personal details section, prepare the educational qualifications section or the experience section. If you have a reasonable amount of work experience in the field you are applying, there is no need to mention the educational qualifications. If you are a fresher applying for a job, mention about the same in chronological order, starting with the latest degree you have obtained. Some jobs require you to mention both, information about your education and your work experience.

After these details you can give a section wherein a recruiter or employer could get back to you directly on your page itself. Make sections for the reader's name, their email address and the reason for contacting you. Also provide a larger section wherein the reader could write any comments, if required.

Placing social media icons on your website can expand the scope of your website getting viewed on a wider base, and by more and more people, ultimately increasing your chances of getting the job you are searching for.

You can make a very good resume website with the help of Adobe Photoshop, as this is easy and is compatible on both, computers and hand held devices like cell-phones, tablets etc.

Keeping a resume simple is very important as the recruiter would rather be interested to see your job profile and skill-sets rather than the design of your resume website. So keep it simple and draw in the rewards.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Video Resumes: Face Your Recruiter

In the upcoming of online resumes, video resumes have been very popular amongst job seekers nowadays. Video resumes have a stronger impact on the recruiter, as it is just like a face to face interview, sans the question answer session. With the help of a video resume, the recruiter can get to know about the overall personality of the candidate including the physical personality (if that does play a major role).
While preparing a video resume, utmost care must be taken, as a badly prepared video resume could cost you an opportunity, along with heartbreaking embarrassment. And since this is video sent across the internet, your most embarrassing moment could be doing the rounds on the web, making a mockery of your resume. To avoid such situations, it is always recommended that you watch some sample video resumes on the internet first and only then prepare yours.
As said earlier, video resumes are similar to the face to face interviews, and hence, you need to be dressed as if you were going for a one-on-one interview. The video and audio quality should be good, and should not get distorted while playing. In your video resume, you should not sound like you are reading out your resume. Speak such that the employer is convinced that you would prove to be an asset for the company.
Once the resume is prepared and tested, the final link can be posted on video sharing websites like Youtube, Metacafe etc. The video can also be shared on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN etc. There are certain career sites too, which gives you the option for uploading your video resumes. This would help in marketing your resume, and the employer who looks for your job profile can easily get in touch with you, if he finds you suitable for the role. The video resume link can also be used in resume websites, along with your other details.
With all the advantages that video resumes hold, we must always keep in mind that these resumes cannot replace the traditional black and white resume. Even though many job seekers do use video resumes, it is not the most preferred resource for a candidate. He would probably opt for a resume website/online resume, or else stick with the traditional, and most trusted '.doc' resume.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Resume Website - Have You Prepared Yours?

Who doesn't want to stand out of the usual crowd and get noticed for something different and unusual? Most of the job applicants use the traditional '.doc' resume, no doubt that they too are also effective; however, the booming job circuit has demanded innovations and new techniques for applying for jobs. The rising number of jobs has brought about a need to ease the application process so that the recruiters find it easy to choose the right resumes and ultimately, the right candidate. This has brought about a rise in resume websites.

Nowadays, more and more aspirants go for resume websites, rather than for the same old, traditional resume format. In this competitive arena, a candidate is always looking for growth and development in an organization. A resume website is the most useful when it comes to updating your resume with your latest professional and/or academic developments. In the traditional resume format, updating becomes a pain, as you need to send across a new resume to the recruiter with all the updates. On the contrary, you have complete control of the content, in case of a resume website.

In case of a resume website, you just need to send a URL; for example, You need not send any attachment; making the job of the recruiter easy. The recruiter gets all your information by clicking the link.

There are people who feel that resume websites can easily help you get a seat in your desired job profile. However, there are also a group of people who find it difficult and complicated to prepare resume websites, as they feel that there are a lot of technicalities involved in the preparation of a website.

We will help you prepare the best of resume websites and that too without any complexities and simple to follow steps. We shall also provide you with all the information regarding resume websites, tips to prepare good resume websites, video resumes, etc.

Clear away all your fears about preparing a resume website and get ready to know all that you did not know about preparing resume websites. Who knows, you might be another job aspirant applying for a job using a resume website URL.