Online Interview

With cramped schedules and a load full of resumes in the current scene of recruitments, it is necessary for the recruitment team to hunt for innovative ideas, which could save them on resources and also on a lot of time. Online interviews do exactly what they were looking for. Save on resources, and most importantly, save on much precious time.

Online interviews are pretty much similar to face to face interviews, as far as the questions go; however, the technicalities would differ. Online interviews would not have the interviewer physically present in front of you. Instead, you would be either facing a web-cam or communicating via online chat or voice chat.

The basic elements of online interview are the webcam and/or the computer. It is very important that you have no technical flaws, so that there are no interruptions in the interview. You need to set the webcam well, so that you are properly visible to the interviewer. If you are new to online interviews, it is always advisable to practice before you go live online. Sit in front of the webcam and set up the cam to a perfect position.

Along with the video, you need to make sure that the audio too is of top quality. See to it that the sound is clear and distortion free. The volume should not be too loud when you speak. You should be audible and be your natural self. If you are using a directional microphone, you should speak close to the same.

The background should not be distracting to the eye and should not be shabby. Also, while giving an online interview, dress up as if you were going for a face-to-face interview. Relax while you are giving the interview. Haste will always put you into trouble. You need to think and speak during the interview. In case of online chat interviews, type carefully. Avoid spelling errors and enter only information that is asked for.

So, online interviews have come up a long way nowadays and have proven to be a great time saver for recruiters, and also for the job seeker. It is also an easier and cost effective medium of interview. Staying prepared with all the required resources, you can create an impression on the employer's minds, and this can easily fetch you your desired job.