Monday, December 19, 2011

Personal Email Address – A Stepping Stone to a Bright Career

Having a personal email address will only bring a positive response to your job hunt. There are various email address providers like gmail, yahoomail, aol, etc. However, these email ids are good for your personal communication. Due to the high number of users of these email ids, you hardly get the email id that you want. For example, Mr. John Horner wants his email id to be; however, there is minimal possibility that he would get that id, due to unavailability of the same or as some other user might be registered with that id. Thus, gmail will suggest him other options, which could include some characters or numbers to the id. For example,, etc.

While applying for a job, having a clean and easy to recognize email address would always bring in the rewards. Take for instance,, sounds more appropriate and professional too. A personal email id can be incorporated with your personal resume website, making the communication between the recruiter and the applicant simple and less time consuming.

Having a personal email id will create an impression in the minds of the recruiter that the applicant is well versed with the latest in technology and is aware of modern ways and resources of applying for a job. It increases the chances of the applicant to get the job. It enables visibility of the resume and his profile over the web. It puts him/her apart from the usual crowd, who still use the traditional resume and the standard email address.

Some sites offer personal email addresses at a cost, whereas, there are a lot of other websites, which helps you create your own personal website, which will also have a personal email id for you. So, go ahead and prepare your personal email address, and see job opportunities pouring in like never before.


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