Friday, December 9, 2011

Simplicity is the Key to a Good Resume Website

Resume websites have started gaining popularity in the recent time. The user friendly nature of this type of resume has brought up a demand in a resume website. They also save a lot of time of both, the recruiter and the applicant. They prove to be very handy when it comes to updating your details in the resume.

While preparing a resume website, it is quite a possibility that you might get lured by those flashy looking web templates to prepare your resume. But, keep in mind that you are applying for a job and you need to maintain professionalism in any resume, be it online or offline.

Unlike the traditional resume, you need not give a lot of information on a resume website. Only give important information like your name, work experience, educational qualification, and skills. However, you can include other information like objective and achievements also, if needed.

It is always recommended that you keep your resume website simple as too much of matter on the page could sometimes confuse the reader and s/he might just be searching around for information. Do not keep the design too loud. A sober design which looks soothing to the eyes will always attract the recruiter.

To give a generalized idea on how a simple resume should be, you can write your name in the center of the webpage, either center-aligned or justify-aligned. Use a good font to write your name. The font should be simple and legible, but equally attractive. You can use a large font size while writing your name. Just below the name, write your designation or degree, if any. This section should be the highlight of your resume website.

Then comes your personal details. Enter details like name, address, contact number/s, email address etc. There is no specific alignment for this; you can place it as u like, either, left, right or center aligned. Avoid using the justify-alignment as it would not look good and would look out of place on your website. If you are required to, or if you wish to place a photo on the website, you can do so; however, place the photo appropriately. Use a decent photograph, as you are preparing a professional resume website to apply for a job.

Once you are done with designing the personal details section, prepare the educational qualifications section or the experience section. If you have a reasonable amount of work experience in the field you are applying, there is no need to mention the educational qualifications. If you are a fresher applying for a job, mention about the same in chronological order, starting with the latest degree you have obtained. Some jobs require you to mention both, information about your education and your work experience.

After these details you can give a section wherein a recruiter or employer could get back to you directly on your page itself. Make sections for the reader's name, their email address and the reason for contacting you. Also provide a larger section wherein the reader could write any comments, if required.

Placing social media icons on your website can expand the scope of your website getting viewed on a wider base, and by more and more people, ultimately increasing your chances of getting the job you are searching for.

You can make a very good resume website with the help of Adobe Photoshop, as this is easy and is compatible on both, computers and hand held devices like cell-phones, tablets etc.

Keeping a resume simple is very important as the recruiter would rather be interested to see your job profile and skill-sets rather than the design of your resume website. So keep it simple and draw in the rewards.

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