Monday, December 5, 2011

Video Resumes: Face Your Recruiter

In the upcoming of online resumes, video resumes have been very popular amongst job seekers nowadays. Video resumes have a stronger impact on the recruiter, as it is just like a face to face interview, sans the question answer session. With the help of a video resume, the recruiter can get to know about the overall personality of the candidate including the physical personality (if that does play a major role).
While preparing a video resume, utmost care must be taken, as a badly prepared video resume could cost you an opportunity, along with heartbreaking embarrassment. And since this is video sent across the internet, your most embarrassing moment could be doing the rounds on the web, making a mockery of your resume. To avoid such situations, it is always recommended that you watch some sample video resumes on the internet first and only then prepare yours.
As said earlier, video resumes are similar to the face to face interviews, and hence, you need to be dressed as if you were going for a one-on-one interview. The video and audio quality should be good, and should not get distorted while playing. In your video resume, you should not sound like you are reading out your resume. Speak such that the employer is convinced that you would prove to be an asset for the company.
Once the resume is prepared and tested, the final link can be posted on video sharing websites like Youtube, Metacafe etc. The video can also be shared on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN etc. There are certain career sites too, which gives you the option for uploading your video resumes. This would help in marketing your resume, and the employer who looks for your job profile can easily get in touch with you, if he finds you suitable for the role. The video resume link can also be used in resume websites, along with your other details.
With all the advantages that video resumes hold, we must always keep in mind that these resumes cannot replace the traditional black and white resume. Even though many job seekers do use video resumes, it is not the most preferred resource for a candidate. He would probably opt for a resume website/online resume, or else stick with the traditional, and most trusted '.doc' resume.


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