Thursday, December 15, 2011

Think Before You Choose Your Domain

A domain name is used to identify your website and is used in URLs. A domain name needs to be unique and should be such that it should attract viewers to your website. The better your domain name the more chances of employers finding you over the internet; doubling the chances of you getting a call for an interview or getting the job. Having a good domain name can make careers and a bad domain name can equally break your career.
Following certain tips or keeping certain things in your mind while purchasing a domain name can help you build your path towards a bright career.
Since you are preparing a resume website, your domain name should reflect your name. This would increase the visibility of your resume website. For example,, etc.
Try not to use too long domain names. It is always advised that you use shorter domain names as it is easier to remember, and the scope of an employer making an error while opening the website is minimal. Try to make your domain name creative, move away from simple names like, and use
Keeping your domain name unique is very important. There should not be another domain name exactly matching yours or similar to yours. This could create confusion amongst the viewers and could ultimately cost you a good job opportunity. There are some domains registered with .org and some with .com; the domain name could be same with a .com or a .org site, this contributes majorly in causing confusion. So choose appropriately to avoid such confusions.
These are the main factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing your domain name. Make sure that you choose the perfect domain name for your resume website, in order to assure yourself of maximum response from recruiters.


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    -- Possible Spelling
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    -- Easy to Type
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    -- Unique
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